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Experience seamless communication and effortless message exchange with O-Mail, the powerful web-based email platform by ONPASSIVE.

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About o-mail

O-Mail is a cutting-edge web-based email platform created by ONPASSIVE. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, O-Mail stands as a reliable and powerful email solution. Whether for personal or professional use, O-Mail provides a seamless and secure platform for managing your email communications. Experience the convenience and reliability of O-Mail for all your email needs.

O-Mail is a versatile and expertly crafted webmail solution for businesses, offering seamless management of unlimited mail accounts from different providers. It boasts smart push notifications, group emailing, and customization options for multiple email accounts. Rest assured with top-tier security and surveillance in O-Mail’s data centers, ensuring a reliable uptime of 99.9%.

Key Features of O-Mail

Experience the power of O-Mail, the AI-driven email service that revolutionizes your communication. With advanced features for seamless email management and contact organization, O-Mail offers a user-friendly and convenient solution for all your emailing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick and helpful answers to commonly asked questions about O-Mail.

1. Is O-Mail Secure?

Yes, O-Mail prioritizes security and implements measures to ensure the safety of user data. It utilizes top-notch security protocols, encryption, and data center surveillance to provide a secure email platform.

2. Do email expire?

Some email providers have the facility where individual mail can be expired after a particular time.

3. How to Create a Signature?

Click on Options, go to Mail Format, click on Signature, or Click the signature icon when composing the message.

  • Type the signature name
  • Type in the signature content
  • Click on the Default Signature for New messages and Replies/Forwards

4. Why do some emails go to spam?

Some providers usually include the sender’s IP address, whereas some email providers like Gmail would only show the Google IP address.

5. How to Customize the View of My Mailboxes?

To customize the current view, click on the “Edit” column and select “Customize the current view.” In the options, choose the desired number of emails to be displayed in the final view from the mailboxes.

O-Mail Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions on O-Mail, the AI-powered email service.

O-Mail Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions on O-Mail, the AI-powered email service.

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