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O-Trim: Custom URI shortener for shorter links, ideal for social media sharing and link customization.

O-Trim review

About O-Trim

O-Trim, developed by ONPASSIVE, is a custom URI shortener designed for easy sharing, broadcasting, and promotion of URIs on various platforms. This tool efficiently shortens website URL links, addressing the need for customization in today’s world. With lengthy and easily broken website addresses, O-Trim provides a convenient solution by reducing them to compact sizes. Additionally, it facilitates smooth user transitions, ultimately leading to landing pages on social media platforms.

O-Trim, the top URI shortener, allows sharing links on major social media platforms without expiration. Simply click the button, convert the desired page into a shorter link, and easily copy and paste it wherever needed. Ensure functional and impactful customer experiences.

Key Features of O-Trim

Explore the key features of O-Trim: powerful URI shortening, link customization, and seamless social media sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick and helpful answers to commonly asked questions about O-Trim.

1. How is O-Trim is beneficial?

Long URLs are difficult to remember. Shortened URLs aid businesses in sharing concise links for advertising on social media and other platforms.

Yes, only O-Founder and guest users can see analytics of their past links—i.e., IP address, country, state, etc.

3. How many long URL can be trimmed at one point of time?

Users can trim only a single long URL at one point in time.

Registered users can click on the edit button to replace the URL with a new URL for a single shortened URL.

We have given pagination for registered users to see all past links by page view.

O-Trim Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions on O-Trim, the AI-powered email service.

O-Trim Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions on O-Trim, the AI-powered email service.

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