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ONPASSIVE Ecosystem: Empowering businesses through automation, innovation, and sustainable growth for a prosperous future.

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About OES

ONPASSIVE is a global company made by AI technology, that creates fully autonomous software solutions. The company recently introduced its novel digital ecosystem, the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem. This unique platform enables users to register for access and subscribe to digital solutions using the SaaS business model.

The ONPASSIVE  Ecosystem serves as a multi-platform hub, accelerating business growth. It simplifies the intricacies of business intelligence through AI, aiming to deliver a diverse array of AI products and solutions to revolutionize global digital enterprises.

Key Features of OES

Powerful, Versatile, Efficient and Discover the key features of OES – a comprehensive solution for streamlined operations. Boost productivity and maximize success.

  • Al-driven solutions and toois

    AI-Driven Solutions and Tools: Harness the power of AI for innovative and efficient solutions.

  • Robust Smart Business Solution

    Robust Smart Business Solution: Empowering businesses with powerful tools for growth and efficiency.

  • Innovation Lab

    Inspiring creativity and driving breakthroughs through collaborative experimentation and cutting-edge technologies.

  • My wallet

    Securely store and manage your finances with convenience and peace of mind.

  • Events and Marketplace

    Discover, buy, and sell a wide range of products and services conveniently.

  • My Subscriptions

    Manage and enjoy your subscribed services effortlessly with personalized control.

  • My Users

    Streamline user management and enhance user experience with effective tools and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick and helpful answers to commonly asked questions about OES.

1. How do I sign up for ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

One can signup to ONPASSIVE Ecosystem by clicking on the given referral link and sign up with the (first name, last name, [email protected], and password) and sign in with the valid credentials so that the user will be landed on the O-Mail inbox page.

2. Can I access all ONPASSIVE products from OES Dashboard?

Yes, we can access all the recently launched ONPASSIVE products on the ecosystem dashboard

3. What is a Marketplace called and what can a user view in the marketplace?

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem’s marketplace showcases upcoming products, purchased items, and the user’s wallet grid. Users can easily navigate to the add credits page to replenish their wallet.

4. How can I subscribe to a product on ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

To subscribe to a product, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Marketplace section.
  2. Browse the list of products and click on the “Subscribe” option.
  3. You will be redirected to the Order Summary page.
  4. Review the product details and click on the “Confirm Order” button.
  5. Use available credits from your account if desired.
  6. If using wallet credits, any remaining balance can be paid via the payment gateway.
  7. After successful payment, you’ll be redirected to a payment success page displaying the bill summary of the subscribed product.

5.How do I access the products on the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

You can access to the launched products by signing up into ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.

OES Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions on OES, the AI-powered email service.

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OES Reviews

Explore insightful reviews and opinions onOES, the AI-powered email service.

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